Fully customized drum tracks, tailored to fit your individual vibe.

Using his expertise and creativity as both a professional drummer and recording engineer, Ben Jackson provides clients with top tier drum tracks. Each track is uniquely tailored to fit your individual style and sound.

With Ben’s expertise, you will get the creative and professional sound you have been looking for at an affordable rate. Both he and his recording studio – East End Studio – are available for a variety of musical projects ranging from songwriter demos to major album releases.

Ben welcomes the input of producers and artists. For full projects, Pre-production meetings can be scheduled via phone or Skype. Sessions can even be monitored via Skype with an audio feed from the DAW to provide real-time interaction so that you get exactly what you want (see Half day and Full Day Session rates). If more instrumentation is needed, Ben can coordinate additional musicians.

Ben Jackson is also available to produce your entire track or project.

Example of a Vintage “Thud” Kit Drum Track


For certain styles of pop, dance, EDM and modern country, programmed drums may be the best option for a track.

Using a massive sound library and unique samples and effect chains, Ben can program drum tracks that best suit the production style for your song.

This option can also be combined with live drum tracks.


Songwriter Demos

Demos for Music Industry Publishers & Writers

  • Intended for Songwriters, Publishers, or Producers for songs to be pitched to artists
  • Studio Master Quality Multitrack Drums
  • Fully comped single drum take

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Standard Master

Studio Master Quality Drum Tracks

  • Studio Master Quality Multitrack Live Drum Tracks
  • Basic Percussion (Shaker or Tambourine)
  • Fully Comped Drum Take
  • Alternate Takes available

Per Song: $150

Custom Master

Giving Producers & Artists Ultimate Customization

  • Studio Master Quality Multitrack Drum Tracks
  • Basic Percussion (Shaker/Tambourine) included
  • Loop/Basic Programming (if needed)
  • Fully Comped Drum Take (per song)
  • Alternate Takes (upon request)
  • Triggered Supplemental Kick and Snare Samples (upon request)
  • Beat Detective / Pocketing of drum (if requested)

Per Song: $225

Additional Performance Options

  • Static Loop/Basic Programming – $25/song
  • Organic or Live Loop Layers – $50/song<
  • Percussion (Shaker & Tambourine) – $25/song
  • Hand Percussion (Congas & Hand Drums) – $25/song

Additional Production Options

  • Pocketing to the grid by hand
  • Fader Adjusted Prints (levels adjusted to provide balanced stems)
  • Full Pre-Mixed & Processed Drum Tracks
  • Sample hits of Individual Drums
  • Supplemental Drum Samples to Compliment Acoustic Kicks and Snares
  • Pro Tools & Logic Users may request tracks be sent inside a session with Faders adjusted into a “rough mix.”


Ben goes to great lengths to work with each client prior to tracking to ensure the drum tracks will come out as the client wishes.

He also provides the option to send multiple takes on the “Standard and Custom Masters” to provide each client with a range of options. For Masters, Ben also will record a track again if it’s still not just right.

Rarely does Ben need to re-record a take for a client, but occasionally the situation does arise. If needed, Ben will recut a master, providing 2 more takes, at no additional cost, following review of the orignal track. Prior to re-recording, Ben will communicate with you about what changes are necessary in order to ensure a satisfactory result.

If further revisions are needed beyond the 2 extra takes, the standard session rate will apply.


Drum Sets

  • Gretsch USA Jasper Shell
  • 1965 Ludwig Keystone
  • DW Collectors Series
  • Yamaha Birch Absolute
  • Yamaha Maple Absolute

Snare Drums

  • Supraphonics
  • Black Beauties
  • Acrolites
  • Craviottos
  • Magnetones
  • Various Maple, Birch, & Mahogany Snares
  • Various Brass, Steel, & Copper Snares


  • Various Paiste Cymbals:
    • Traditional
    • Signature
    • 2002
    • Masters


  • Assortment of:
    • Hand Drums
    • Shakers
    • Tambourines
    • Noise Makers



  • Coles 4038s
  • Lawson L47 (U47)
  • Audio Technica 4047s
  • Audio Technica 4033s
  • AKG C430s
  • Handmade FET47s
  • Sennheiser 421s
  • Shure SM57s
  • Shure SM7b
  • 121 Ribbon Clones
  • Yamaha Subkick
  • Beta 52


  • API 3124
  • Classic API VP312s
  • Neve 1073s
  • Hairball Audio Elements Coppers
  • Hairball Audio Elements Bronze
  • Chandler TG-1


  • API 560s
  • Great River Harrison 32Q EQs
  • Maag EQ4  Pair
  • Pultec


  • 1176 REV A Blue Stripes
  • SSL – GSSL Stereo Bus Compressor
  • Elysia Xpressor Stereo Compressor

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