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Ben has mixed records in genres across the spectrum including pop, rock, country, Americana, indie, singer-songwriter, and jazz.

Ben also mixes regularly for producers and artists creating music for television&film (sync) licensing.

  • Hybrid In-the-box, Outboard approach
  • Affordable rates
  • Easy recall
  • Online, real-time mix revsions w/ high quality streaming audio


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Mixing Concept

Drawing on his experience as a professional musician, session player and producer, Ben takes a unique approach to mixing. He is extremely sensitive to preserving the original vision of the Producer and Artist, using the mix phase of production to enhance that vision by bringing clarity, energy, and excitement to the songs on a project.

Prior to mixing, Ben will communicate with you in order to address your specific ideas, requests, and concerns about the mixing process. Using the highest quality plugins and outboard, Ben’s mixes add energy and life to tracks, providing that final layer of excitement and glue to make your project come together.

Online Mix Revisions in Real Time

The final stage of any recording project prior to mastering is the Mix Revison stage. This is the stage where Artist & Producer listen to the mixes, provide feedback, and make any requests for changes prior to Mastering. This process can be a complicated back-and-forth when done through email, so Ben has a better way.

Using a streaming app, Ben will set an appointment time with you and send you a link for you to drop into your media player (such as iTunes). He will be able to stream high quality audio from his DAW (digital audio workstation) straight to your speakers. You can make your mix adjustments with Ben in real time, just as if you were in the room!

This service is automatically included with all mix projects.

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